Exploring the Delicious Culinary Scene of St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a city that is often described as having a big city atmosphere with a small-town feel. With its boldness and determination from the Midwest, the culinary community of STL has kept up with its competitors, with some particularly impressive openings in recent years. From Louis-style pizza and Provel cheese to frozen custard and sticky buttercake, there are plenty of delicious and unique dishes to discover in St.

Louis. One of the most iconic meals in St. Louis is the Paul sandwich. This open-faced sandwich consists of half a section of Italian or French bread, spread with garlic butter and topped with ham and Provel (traditionally) or provolone cheese, seasoned with a pinch of paprika and then toasted. It is said to be named after the inventor's hometown (St.

Louis). The Paul sandwich can be found at almost every Chinese takeout restaurant in St. Louis. For a classic pork steak experience, Smokie O's Barbeque on North Broadway is the place to go. This family has been simmering their barbecue since 1997 and has perfected their craft.

The slow cooking time and the addition of barbecue sauce help to soften this cut of pork, which is the same cut normally used for pulled pork.If you're looking for handmade toasted ravioli, Mama Toscano's Ravioli is the spot to visit. Nick Toscano and his family have been making them by hand since the late 1940s. They offer the original meat (a mix of beef and pork), cheese (filled with ricotta cheese) and pizza (sausages, pizza sauce and Provel cheese). A thin, crunchy dough, loaded with Provel cheese and cut into squares is the best way to describe St.

Louis-style pizza. The iconic pizza restaurant known for preparing St. Louis-style pizza is the IMO pizza chain. With over 99 locations, there's sure to be an IMO near you. For a unique dining experience, Courtesy Diner at 3 in the morning on a Sunday morning is recommended when the bars at 3 in the morning sell out and hordes of drunks flood the restaurant to get their fix. One of my favorite desserts is sticky buttercake.

The cake is a flat, dense coffee cake about an inch tall that is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar and cut into squares similar to a brownie. It's made of a lower layer of butter and yellow cake dough and a top layer of butter, sugar, and eggs - it's incredibly rich and delicious!Frozen custard is another popular dessert in St. Louis that few people have tried before. It's dairy-based ice cream made with eggs and honey - much thicker than regular ice cream - so thick that a spoon inserted in the cream will not fall if the cup is inverted. The quintessential classic concrete can be found in Frozen Custard by Ted Drewes.

They are located on Chippewa Avenue (Route 6), which is a sight worth seeing on summer nights, with crowds holding their exclusive yellow cups with straws and spoons who take to the streets. To this day, after countless requests to turn the business into a franchise, it remains a family business. We love exploring all of the delicious foods that St. Louis has to offer - from pork steaks to Provel cheese - there's something for everyone! So if you're ever in St. Louis, make sure you check out some of these iconic dishes.